JZIP – How to silently install the free WinZip alternative

JZIP is a free zip tool based off of the 7-zip utility. It’s a good alternative to WinZip.

Deploying JZIP to all of your computers is pretty easy (as deployments go).

Grab the corproate version of JZIP. The corporate version has no add-ons which is nice and clutter free.

I’ve been doing more and more demonstrations of deployments using our Pro version, but seeing as we’re demonstrating a free product, it just seems right that we use our free version of PDQ Deploy.

After you’ve downloaded your JZIP EXE right click on it and select “Deploy with PDQ”.

JZIP - Install it silently

PDQ Deploy will open up and autocreate a PDQ Installer. Simply give it a name and provide the /S argument in the parameters section.

JZIP - Free WinZip alternative

Select OK and you’ll return to the PDQ Deploy console. Simply select the JZIP installer and click “Deploy” and you’ll be able to select which target computers to silently push the install to.

Install JZIP silently

You have five methods to select target computers.

  1. Manual entry
  2. Text file (listing target hostnames, one per line)
  3. Active Directory
  4. AA Console (if installed)
  5. PDQ Inventory (if installed)

Select (or enter) your target systems and select “Deploy”. JZIP is a pretty fast install so it shouldn’t take too long, depending on the number of systems that your pushing to.

JZIP has a pretty handy command line utility in addition to an intuitive GUI.

JZIP is free, but if you find it useful and especially if you’re deploying it to all of your company computer, please strongly consider
giving the folks over there a donation.

If you’ve got an application that you’d like us to demonstrate deploying please let us know.

Get your free copy of PDQ Deploy today!