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Love/Hate Relationship

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

    Photo by Mai Le

Over at the Train Signal Training blog, Brian Nelson has an excellent post on what lessons from Vista have been rolled into Windows 7.

Personally I would never say that I hated Vista, but I did choose to go back to XP after trying it for a few weeks. Was I being manipulated by the bad press? Possibly, but I doubt I would ever know for sure. What I do know, however, was that it just didn’t “feel” right to me. The interface seemed sluggish and clunky, probably all my own perception (I know I felt that file copies were slower, even though they were demonstrably faster.) I was always of the opinion that Microsoft’s missteps early in the development of Vista caused them to lose so much time that a bunch of corners had to be cut.

Well, Windows 7 feels to me like it has all of those corners filled in and the sharp edges rounded off. I clicked with it quite immediately. Again, it could have been from all the good press, but I don’t think that’s a complete explanation. I do believe that Windows 7 brings back a lot of goodwill that was spent on Vista, and it proves that Microsoft isn’t quite as incompetent as the popular perception leads.

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