Lunch with the PDQ Developers

Dev-Fix-bwWe’ve been holding formal training at our offices now for several months. One of the perks of onsite training is the ability to rub shoulders with our crew.

We’ve decided to do a little more. Each training class will now have lunch with the developers. No support guys. No marketing. Just our attendees and the guys who are writing the code (Adam, Chase, and Zach). Ask any question. Plead, rant, extort, beg, criticize, or exploit. You have ’em for an hour.

Is there a feature that you are dying to have? Ask ’em. Are you curious about why a feature was implemented a certain way? Maybe you just want to know if programmers have social skills (ours do, by the way). 

We no longer offer on-site training, however we do offer private virtual training.