Moving your Admin Arsenal Database


Some customers have asked us how to move the database used by Admin Arsenal. By default the 1.4 database is stored in the APPDATA\Brisworks\Admin Arsenal directory. (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\Joe.Bob\Application Data\Brisworks\Admin Arsenal).

If you would like to move the database location the first thing to do is stop the Admin Arsenal Arsenal Background service (if you have enabled it).

From the Admin Arsenal menu on the main window, select Move Database… then push the Move Database button. Select your new location and click Save. The database will be moved to your new location.

Move Database

A few things to consider: If you have a lot of monitors defined, it would be a good idea to disable them. Obviously you will want to RE-ENABLE the monitors after the move is successful. Also, if you use the Admin Arsenal Background service you will want to restart it after the move.