My New Year’s Resolutions

Sydney New Year's Eve
Photo by Linh_rOm

I swear it, this year I’m going to keep my new year’s resolutions. Every single one of them. I promise. In order to help myself succeed, I’m going to publish them publicly so that I can be mercilessly mocked if I don’t achieve them.

Here they are, in no particular order.

  • Write at least one source code comment per month, whether the code needs it or not.
  • Clean my keyboard.
  • Replace keyboard since the only thing making the contacts work is years of grime.
  • Finally give that poor, illiterate kitten I keep seeing online a cheeseburger.
  • Empty my computer’s trash folder.
  • Come to terms with the loss of that one file I had in the trash folder that wasn’t backed up.
  • 2 words: Learn to count.
  • Create my own Internet meme by “accidentally” posting an embarrassing video of myself online.
  • Vociferously deny that because my embarrassing video was posted last year it doesn’t qualify.
  • Say no to a relative needing assistance with their computer.
  • Who am I kidding, keep helping relatives but be a little whinier about it.
  • More stridently lobby the government about general lack of flying cars.
  • Celebrate one month of World of Warcraft abstinence by going on a raid (repeat every month.)
  • Fix something that ain’t broke.
  • Finish work early at least once and see if there really is a glowing orb in the sky during the day.
  • Never again be caught without a good blog post idea.