PDQ Deploy 3.2 Beta 3 (Release Candidate)

PDQ Deploy Beta 3.2Dress rehearsal is just about over, my friends. We have just released the final (we hope) beta for the new PDQ Deploy 3.2.

If you haven’t heard yet, the big news is that we have added Auto Deployments from the Package Library! Yep, this means you can select packages that you want to have automatically deployed as new versions become available. This is the ultimate in Set It and Forget It.

Watch these videos to see how Auto Deployments work.
This version also follows PDQ Deploy Schedules as they leave monogamy and delve into open relationships. OK, that may be a tad too subtle. PDQ Deploy schedules can now be attached to more than one package at a time. This means that one schedule can deploy multiple packages to the same target machines.
Here is a video showing how this can be done.