How to Deploy Silent Installs to Offline Computers

offline computersIt’s a common enough problem. You’re moments away from clocking off for the day, before you leave you decide to survey your kingdom. Yes, it’s another day, another successful deployment to the computers in your care…but wait…

A bunch of computers left turned off missed your deployment.

Try, Try Again…

It can’t stay off forever, can it? You could reschedule another attempt later on, but if you have dozens (or many more) computers this can be tedious at best. Setting up the Retry Queue in File > Preferences > Deployments under Offline Settings will automatically place computers that failed to deploy due to being turned off in a queue to be attempted at the interval you set in your preferences.

This feature does require PDQ Deploy Enterprise mode, which you can try out free. (First, make sure you have PDQ Deploy downloaded, get the free download here.):

Try PDQ Deploy

Give Me a Beat

This takes a little more planning and set up but is well worth the effort especially if you know you’re going to have computers that are off. Instead of reattempting a deployment again and again, what if you could wait to kick off a deployment to a particular computer when it was online.

To do this, when you go to send out one of your deployment packages click Deploy > New Schedule > Heartbeat Schedule.

PDQ Inventory sends out a ping to its computers checking for online or offline status, if a once off computer is detected to be turned back on then PDQ Deploy is notified and the deployment is executed. It’s important to note that with this type of schedule, it will only deploy PDQ Inventory detects a computer has gone from offline to online. If it never is detected to be off then it will not deploy.

Note: To set up a Heartbeat Schedule you will need PDQ Deploy AND PDQ Inventory both in Pro mode.