Open that Ammo Bag, baby! PDQ Inventory Is Ready (and free)!

Your arsenal of I.T. tools just got lethal.

The 5 month public beta of PDQ Inventory was a major success. From feature requests, bug reports, general screaming, 39 death threats and many many many bottles of Ouzo I think we’re ready (or perhaps we’re just tired). Though Adam will never speak to me again (this has been his goal for about 27 years or approx. 3 minutes after meeting me) and Shawn almost abandoned his teetotalar ways we are ready to release PDQ Inventory into the wild. Basically if you were here now you’d be seeing our O-Faces.

As with all of our PDQ products there is a free version of PDQ Inventory. For you System Admins who want a little extra muscle to your Systems Management arsenal of tools, you can now purchase the Pro mode of PDQ Inventory. (c’mon, these bottles of Ouzo weren’t donated to us)

For you left-brained people out there feel free to pore over the comparison chart between the
Free and Pro modes of PDQ Inventory. I’m sure I left something out but, oh well, Hank III just released three albums on the same day and I have no intention of being bummed about what I missed.

Anyway, If you’ve used AA Console then some of these screenshots will look vaguely familiar.

PDQ Inventory

The above image shows the main console of PDQ Inventory. You can organize your computers into logical groupings so that you can easily isolate problem machines, prepare for deploying software, generate reports for your managers or just generally infuriate your end-users.

PDQ Inventory - Main Window

This screenshot above shows the Computer panel for the computer called Quagmire. Other available panels (the left column) displays installed applications, memory, disk drives (and other hardware), Local Group membership, Windows Shares, running processes and installed Hot Fixes.

All Servers missing .NET Framework 4.0

Check out how easy it is to create Dynamic Collections. The example above shows all of my servers that do NOT have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Installed. I can call PDQ Deploy right from this window and deploy the needed .NET 4.0 installation. (Of course I’ll need to have an Installer created to deploy .NET Framework 4, but c’mon, that only takes about 43 seconds to set up.)

What about AA Console? PDQ Inventory Pro Mode is the official upgrade to AA Console. Those of you who have current maintenance contracts should have gotten an email detailing the release of PDQ Inventory as well as providing your License Key for enabling the Pro Mode. The inventory features in PDQ Inventory are far more robust and customizable than they were in AA Console.

For those of you who didn’t check out the comparison table (differnces between the free PDQ Inventory and the Pro mode) here is a quick summation of some of the features in Pro mode:

  1. Custom inventory scanners
    • Registry scanner
      • Keep track of necessary (or completely unnecessary) registry settings. This really comes in handy when you are troubleshooting computer issues. Maybe some application isn’t working because the expected registry settings have been modified or removed.
    • File scanner
      • Perhaps you have a policy that .pst files are only to be kept on the SAN. Define a file scanner to look for rogue PST files.
  2. Scheduling Inventory scans.
    • How about only scanning for hardware changes once per week but scanning for applications every 4 hours?
    • How about scanning all your computer systems’ %WINDIR% directories every 2 days?
    • Maybe you want to see what awesome (or lame, let’s be honest) new .mp3’s have been added to a particular computer on an daily basis between 3 – 6 PM on weekdays. I think you get the idea.
  3. Create Custom Reports
    • Pro mode gives you the ability to create as many reports based on all of your available inventory data. This ability can be so important to getting control of your network
  4. Custom Tools
    • All of us System Administrators have our favorite I.T. utilities, tools and custom scripts. With PDQ Inventory Pro Mode you can integrate your commonly used tools into the PDQ Inventory. I, personally, love the SysInternals tools written by Mark Russinovich. If I want to run a particular sysInternal utility (such as PSService) against a remote computer I simply go to that computer window in my console and remotely execute the command.
    • The free version of PDQ Inventory allows you to run certain utilities (such as CompMgmt.msc, Event Viewer, Remote Desktop, VNC, etc) right from the computer window. In Pro Mode you can extend these capabilities. For example I like using DameWare Mini Remote Control for most of my Remote Control needs. I can initate a DameWare remote control session right from PDQ Inventory by simply creating a custom tool.
  5. Sync with Active Directory
    • Want to automatically add or remove computers based on the computers in your AD domain? You can use PDQ Inventory to do just this. Don’t want all the computers in AD? No worries. Just syncronize with Organizational Units (OUs) that need.

Thanks to the hundreds of beta testers, particularly Andreas, SelfMan, Jonathan, Andrew and Kimberly. Your feedback was integral in helping us make PDQ Inventory a powerful and useful IT tool.