PDQ.com New Support Site

We Have a New Support Site

If you head on over to support.pdq.com, you may notice a redirect to our new support site. Here’s a quick recap of some of the new features, and changes that could impact you.

New Features

  • Shinier theme
  • Better organization
  • Better search
  • No more separate logins for the support site and support tickets
  • Easier to manage your tickets
  • (For us) a much better KB editor!
  • Less spam

Changes That Could Impact You

pdq.com new support site

In the past, we’ve published a KB for every update to the Package Library, allowing you to subscribe to the topic to be notified of new packages. This used to be a lot more important before the advent of Auto Downloads. Since Auto Download packages update themselves, it’s less important to get an email notification. Currently, there are about 55 customers who subscribe to new package notifications, so it’s a very under-used feature. Due to these reasons, we’re no longer going to publish an article about every Package Library update. This could change in the future if demand is high enough. In the meantime, if these updates are important to you, we do still publish information on Reddit and Twitter

Overall, we hope this change gives you an easier and more seamless experience on our support site. As always, contact us at [email protected] if you have questions or problems.

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