PDQ Deploy 1.5 Beta 3

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of Beta 3 for PDQ Deploy 1.5.  You an get it here and try out the new features and changes.

  • Schedules can be configured to stop deploying to successful computers, or to computers that have failed a number of times past a certain threashold. This has been one of our most requested features and we’re glad to have it available.
  • Computers will be deployed to in the order that deployments were created. Prior to this beta, it was possible for a deployment to “jump the queue” and deploy to a target before an earlier deployment got the chance to.
  • Schedules can now be set to always use the “default” user, so that they will change if the default user changes.  This setting is now the default.
  • Allow multiple deployments to the same computer.  This will allow more than one user to deploy to the same computer at the same time.  This will be expanded in beta 4 to remove the dreaded “Failed to clean-up target directory” error when a prior deployment is still locking files on the target.

Feel ready to give it a go?  Download the beta from here and sign up for e-mail updates when new versions are available.