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PDQ Deploy 12 is now available. To update your console, click the “A new version is available” notice in the status bar of your console. If the update link is not visible, go to File > Preferences > Alerts to enable update notices.

New in the PDQ Deploy 12 Release

Use PDQ Inventory Scan User Credentials in PDQ Deploy

Use the scan user credentials from PDQ Inventory (in Enterprise mode) for your deployment credentials in PDQ Deploy. In previous versions of PDQ Deploy you were limited to using one set of credentials for all target computers per deployment. This meant that computers that required different Deploy User credentials had to be broken down into different deployments. That all changes in PDQ Deploy 12. This new feature requires you to have PDQ Inventory 11.2 or higher and PDQ Deploy 12 both in Enterprise mode. When you create or schedule a deployment, under the options tab you can select to use the PDQ Inventory scan user credentials first, if available. If the target does not exist in PDQ Inventory, the default PDQ Deploy credentials will be used instead.

Wake-on-LAN/Ping Settings Are More Versatile

The Offline Settings have, historically, been global. We have now made it so you can modify your Offline Settings at the Package and Deployment / Schedule levels. In addition to your current global settings (found in File > Preferences > Deployments), you can now ping targets or send Wake-on-LAN (WOL) per package, Auto Deployment package, schedule, or deployment. For example you could have your global settings to only deploy to computers that are online (PDQ Deploy pings the targets and only deploys to the computers that respond) but change a particular deployment to override that setting and attempt to use WOL (Wake-ON-LAN) for the offline computers.

To ping a target or send a WOL per package (including Auto Deployment package):

Package > Properties > Offline Settings


To ping a target or send a WOL for a schedule:

Schedule > Offline Settings



Some Improvements…

Post Schedule Notifications

If you are already a fan of using Post Deployment Notifications, you will enjoy this addition. You can now set Post Schedule Notifications to send only one email upon deployment completion of the entire schedule rather than multiple emails when using a Post Deployment Notification. You also have more options for customizing your emails and can now use variables in the subject line and email body. Set up a Post Schedule Notification very similarly to a Post Deployment Notification in File > Preferences > Mail Server.

You can add additional custom variables to use in notification emails (and other areas in PDQ Deploy) in File > Preferences > Variables.


Nested Package Run As Options

When adding a nested package, you can now select to use the Run As option of the nested package. You can change this setting by selecting the nested step and going to the Options tab.


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3 responses

  • Post Schedule Notifications. This is single-handedly the best feature added to Deploy since I started using it, aside from Powershell Steps. That’s a very close 2nd.

  • First time I used the post deployment notifications, I didn’t expect to get dozens of emails when all I wanted was a single mail telling me about successed and failed deployments. I’m happy that’s now a thing.

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