PDQ Deploy 4.0 is Here

Coming to a console near you…PDQ Deploy 4.0

For Enterprise Users…

The Retry Queue: RetryQueue250

The Retry Queue is the answer to making sure every deployment is completed whether a computer is online or not. When a computer is offline during a deployment it is added to the queue to attempt to deploy at a later time.

You can adjust the number of times a deployment is attempted and how frequently attempts are made in Preferences>Deployments under the Offline Retry Queue section. 

Enterprise users also get features included in Pro mode. Read on to see what’s new for Pro mode users. 

For Pro Users…


Heartbeat Trigger:

This is another feature that, like the Retry Queue, ensures deployments are received when a computer is online. To use the Heartbeat Trigger you will need to have PDQ Inventory Pro mode or higher to utilized this feature. 

Heartbeat is a schedule-type that deploys to computers that have gone from offline to online. (In other words, if a computer is continously online it will not be deployed to until it has been rebooted.) 


Message Step: 

The most frequent use for this step is warning users of a coming reboot. It works the same way as running the command:  msg * "Your computer will be reboot in 60 seconds" and is there for quick and easy addition to deployment packages. 

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