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New in PDQ Deploy 9

Lisa Dodd
PowerShell step

PDQ Deploy 9 is now available! You can upgrade to PDQ Deploy 9 by clicking the link in the status bar at the bottom of your console. Once you’re up-to-date, you’ll probably like to know what new features you’ll see! Well, you’ve come to the right place, read on…

What’s New in PDQ Deploy 9

PowerShell Step

Include PowerShell cmdlets as a package step in your deployments. You can still include PowerShell scripts in an Install Step as a ps1 file, but with a PowerShell step you can enter your cmdlets(s) without having a separate script. Either type or paste your script in to the text box or add a ps1 file by clicking

Insert PowerShell Script

at the bottom of the text area. You’re ready to save and deploy! You can also add the PowerShell script step (as other steps such as the reboot or message)

before and after Auto Deployments

as well.

Why PowerShell?

PowerShell is a sys admin’s best friend.

Get acquainted with PowerShell with these tutorials

on some handy scripts that will make your job that much easier. PowerShell helps you with tasks such as

setting static and DHCP IP addresses


getting screenshots


powershell step

The PowerShell step is available in Pro and Enterprise levels of PDQ Deploy.

Automatic Database Backup

Below are the default settings for backing up your PDQ Deploy database. These settings can be found under






. Change them up as you see fit to what best suits you. You also have the option to run a back up at any time by clicking

Backup Now

. These backups do count against your set number of backups kept, and the oldest backup will be deleted to maintain the number of backups as set.

database backups pdq deploy

Clean Up Repository

Repository getting a bit full? Now you’re just a click away from clearing out those unused repository files with your

PDQ Deploy Pro or Enterprise mode license

. This option can be found under






.This only clears out unused files associated with a package. Clicking the

See Unused Files

button opens a new window that will show the files that will be removed if you were to click delete.

clean PDQ Deploy Repository

Join a free LIVE webcast

this Thursday, May 5th, 2016 at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT for in depth tutorials and explanations on these features. We will be taking questions LIVE during the webcast as well, see you there!

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