PDQ Deploy and Inventory – Peanut Butter and Chocolate

This is a true story. When I was in 2nd grade, my teacher Ms. Westinskow. She asked all the students one day to tell the class what we each thought the defintion of “being rich” was. When it was my turn I said “Being able to eat all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that I want.”

That truly was my definition of “Rich”

Well, welcome to the Systems Management realization of my dream.

Our customers are asking “Hey, what’s the difference between PDQ Deploy Pro and AA Console?”

Answer: A LOT.

Next topic.

No? You aren’t going to take my word for it. OK. I understand. Here’s the deal. When we released AA Console (under the original name Admin Arsenal) back in 2007 we were stoked. We released the BASIC functionality that we had sought for Systems Management in the Windows workspace. Simple software deployment, inventory, basic monitoring and tie-ins to other Remote Control tools. Throw in a teaspoon of Remote Commands and we had ourselves a fantastic Sys Mgmt product at a great price. 

Still, we all knew that some of the more advanced features available in our much more expensive competitors were there for a reason. We sought to bring those to you in Admin Arsenal 2.0. The problem is, however, that we became victims of 2nd System Syndrome. We tried to put too many features in our 2nd version. It became too cumbersome, too clunky and too unintuitive… and these are Tivoli certified engineers who are saying this. 

We took a step back and looked at the features that our customers were REALLY using.

1) Software Deployment. This alone was, by far, the feature used the most. In some cases it was the exclusive feature used by our customers.

2) Inventory – This was used in many ways to augment Software Deployment. It was also used to generate reports of installed software.

3) Remote Commands – This was a feature that pretty much had to be demonstrated, highlighted and trumpeted before our customers seemed to say “Oh, hey. This feature rocks”

4) Remote Control (using Remote Desktop, VNC and other tools such as DameWare)

5) Monitoring. This one surprised us. Such a powerful little feature yet, so few of our customers seemed to be using it.

We made an executive decision. Instead of bundling all of these features in one product, let’s offer an a la carte type solution. Those of you who want fast, dependable and intuitive Software Deployment could simply use the free version of PDQ Deploy. If you want extra features such as the ability to run multiple commands / installers (in one “deployment”) or schedule deployments for more convenience (to end users) then you could make a move to PDQ Deploy Pro.

For those of you who wish to base your deployments off of Inventory data or those who want to understand the software/service configurations in your environments can use the soon-to-be-released PDQ Inventory. If you want to dig deeper and create customized reports or scan for additional Windows elements such as the Windows registry and the file system then you can move up to the PDQ Inventory Pro.

Our goal is to mesh PDQ Deploy Pro and PDQ Inventory Pro in such a way that you really have Reese’s Peanut Cups. Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

You will be seeing blog posts, idle chatter and forum discussions around PDQ Deploy Pro AND PDQ Inventory.

We really want to hear what you think. What do you expect from your Hardware / Software inventory? This goes way beyond just listing what software is installed. This goes deep into the configuration of all of your Windows systems. What will make your job easier?