PDQ Inventory 1.1.4 Released

Announcing PDQ Inventory 1.1.4

PDQ InventoryAfter a successful beta release we have released the latest version of PDQ Inventory.  This version still requires .NET 3.5 SP1 exist on the console and target machines. Version 2.0 will require that .NET 4 be installed on the Console system.

The Enhancements & Fixes

  • Computers will now use their short (NetBIOS) name when their long host name doesn’t resolve.
    • This new feature should remove some of those pesky “Computer Not Found” errors that would occur when DNS wouldn’t return the long name of a computer (e.g. HomerLaptop.deadwood.local). When the long name (AKA hostname) can’t be resolved the standard computer name (NetBIOS) will be used.
  • Added Accessed Time to the File scanner.
  • Fixed a possible null reference when selecting a PDQ Deploy installer.
  • Improved IE version scanner with additional version information.
  • Improved performance of starting PDQ Deploy in certain situations.
  • Fixed possible crash when scanning from Main Window.
  • Added aborting of Remote Commands.
  • Added Success Codes to Remote Commands.
  • Fixed an issue where some Uninstall commands weren’t surrounded by quotes.
    • We provide the same uninstall string that was registered with Windows when the application was originally installed.  This new version will enclose the Uninstall string in double quotes if any spaces exist in the path.
  • Allow scanning of computers from the Report Window.
  • Fixed issue with margins when printing.
  • Fixed an issue with editing recently duplicated collections.
  • Fixed an issue switching between fixed and relative dates in collection and report filters.
  • Fixed issue showing file modified time in wrong time zone.
  • Fixed an issue where the Service Scanner would fail in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where scans would show duplicates when the console was manually refreshed.
  • Added Host Name to collection filters and reports.
  • Changed memory display fields to use use decimals (1.3 GB instead of 1 GB).
  • Changed computer scanner to use installed memory instead of total memory (which Windows usually reports slightly lower).
  • Renamed report and collection columns for Files to ‘Date Created’, ‘Date Modified’, and ‘Date Accessed’.
  • Computers created by AD Sync have their scan user set to the user that was used to connect to AD.
  • Fixed an issue with PDQ Deploy integration on XP with large numbers of computers, requires PDQ Deploy 2.0 (release 2).
  • Removed unnecessary event log warnings while scanning Active Directory data.
  • Added workaround for copying files to certain virtual machines.