PDQ Inventory 10

New Features

The latest PDQ Inventory 10 is now available and it includes some highly requested features! PDQ Inventory can be upgraded to version 10 by clicking the “A new version is available” notice in the status bar of your console. You can also download the new release here; PDQ Inventory 10. Read on to discover all the new possibilities.

Hide Collections in the Collection Library

Do you love using the Collection Library, but would like to only see the collections that pertain to you and remove a lot of the clutter? Well, you are in luck, as this can now be accomplished in PDQ Inventory 10. Simply hide any collection within the collection library to customize your view. (Enterprise mode required). To hide collections, select the collection(s) in the console, right-click and check View > Hide Library Collection. Hiding a parent collection will always hide the child collections by default.

Context menu


The Collection Library page itself will always display all hidden collections and the ability to display in the tree can be easily toggled on and off using View > Display Hidden Library Collections (or Preferences > Interface). Hidden collections are identifiable by their opaque icon and opaque text. For ease of identification, parent collections of hidden collection(s) are also displayed with an opaque icon, however, the text is not opaque.

Display Hidden Collections


Because of this powerful new feature, we will be able to bring even more library collections your way. Keep your eyes peeled!

Wake-on-LAN and PowerShell added to Remote Command

Didn’t think Remote Command could get any more powerful than it already is? Well, think again. In PDQ Inventory 10, we’ve now added the ability to initiate a distributed Wake-on-LAN and run PowerShell cmdlets directly from this tool (Pro or Enterprise mode required). To access Remote Command, select the computer(s) to which you wish to execute a remote command and select Tools > Remote Desktop (or Ctrl+Alt+R).

Remote Command

Other features and fixes

Included in this release are many other smaller, but just as tasty morsels:

-The Program, Publisher, and Version of the Hot Fix table can now be used in Collections and Reports.

-Firmware Revision column has been added to the Disk Drives page.

-Other minor bugs and enhancements.

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Click to get the latest PDQ Inventory 10 release.


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  • We are looking to deploy a replacement for Symantec Altiris into a few internal classified networks that are air gapped from the outside world. There are government security requirements that need to be complied with such as updates, patches, and application versions. One of the system requirements listed is .NET Framework 4.0 with a recommendation of a higher version. .NET Framework 4.0 is on the vulnerability list and cannot exist in the environment. (One of the things that we would use PDQ to uninstall) Can you confirm that PDQ Deploy and Inventory have no need for .NET Framework 4.0 at all?

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve passed your question over to our support staff. They’ll be able to go into more detail with you directly.

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