PDQ Inventory 2.1.1 Released

The betas for the new version of PDQ Inventory have concluded. PDQ Inventory 2.1.1 has been released. (Download)

Here is a run down of the changes in the new version.


  • Same interface for Collections and Reports
  • Custom Data fields for manual entry (Service Tags, etc.)
  • Product Key for Windows and Office now collected
  • BIOS Asset Tag added
  • Default collections for memory
  • Built-in collection for IE 10
  • Configure Windows Service Manager TCP Connection
  • Ability to not add disabled computers during AD sync
  • Added Printer Driver column to reports and collections


  • AD Sync no longer imports Windows 2000 computers
  • Fixed an issue importing collections with relative date filters.
  • Improved exporting to Excel to use proper column widths.
  • Improved display of process memory to make more readable.
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade could reset the background service credentials to Local System.
  • Fixed an issue where renames in AD could cause sync issues.
  • Default WMI timeout increased from 45 to 90 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue reading the proper name for certain Intel processors.
  • Fixed an issue with extra spaces in some processor names.
  • Fixed scan user issue when importing from AD.
  • Fixed issue when importing collections where filters referenced other collections.