PDQ Inventory Pro Beta

PDQ Inventory pro LogWe are pleased to announce that the PDQ Inventory beta will go public in the next few days. This first beta will combine PDQ Inventory and PDQ Inventory Pro into a single application instead of being separate applications as was initially planned.  This will keep the functionality of both the free and pro versions more closely in-line and make our entire development turn around much faster.  No more lag time between features going into pro that also go into free.  PDQ Deploy will soon be following suit with this design as well.

The application will run in two modes:  Free and Pro.  Free mode has a subset of the features available and the rest can be unlocked by entering a Pro mode license key.  All beta testers are entitled to a license key which will be valid for the duration of the beta.  At the end of the beta license period the application will revert to Free mode.  You can then enter a free trial or full license key to go back to Pro mode without losing any data or settings.

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There are a few features that didn’t make the cut for the first beta, but we will be adding them over the next couple of weeks along with some of the suggestions we will certainly be receiving. We’re very excited to get this product into your hands as it will allow us to tackle many of the feature requests of AA Console that have been held off until the release of PDQ Inventory Pro.  You can expect to see a lot of new features coming out quickly over the next few months.

This new beta will be called “Beta 9” to keep it in sync with the current Beta 8 of PDQ Inventory.  If you are currently running Beta 8 of PDQ Inventory then it will update itself to Beta 9 of PDQ Inventory Pro.

Thank you to all those users who have been testing PDQ Inventory and we hope you like the new Pro features we’ve added and will be adding.