PostgreSQL Powered


Admin Arsenal relies very heavily on its database to manage computer inventory. Up to version 1.4 it’s been running on Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition. It’s a capable database engine and one that has served us well. Its advantages are a very small footprint and a very easy installation. However, version 2.0 outgrew its capabilities with a number of new database-centric features, and so it is time to move on.

For version 2.0 we wanted something with a lot more power, but also with a small footprint and simple installation. We investigated a number of embedded engines and servers looking for just the right balance. After scouring the globe in our pith helmets we finally settled on 
PostgreSQL: The worlds most advanced open source database.

PostgreSQL Powered

PostgreSQL gives us some great advantages over SQL Compact Edition, besides the handsome elephant logo and oh-so-easy to say name.

  • ODBC Driver
    We’ve been waiting patiently for Microsoft to provide an ODBC driver for SQL Compact Edition to allow direct access to the database through other tools such as Crystal Reports, Excel, and Microsoft Access. No longer will it be necessary to export the database to Access for this.
  • Reliable Separate Process
    PostgreSQL runs in a separate process from Admin Arsenal. This takes away the chance that a program crash will corrupt the database.
  • Advanced SQL Features
    PostgreSQL has one of the most advanced SQL dialects available, and advanced server side programming. This will make it quicker and easier for us to create advanced features in the future.
  • Speed, Speed, Speed
    PostgreSQL is typically 2x faster than SQL Compact Edition. It also maintains its performance better as the database grows.
  • No Limits
    There is no limit to the size of the database. This will become very important as we start implementing features such as inventory history in the near future.

We’re very pleased to have such a powerful database foundation as the capabilities of Admin Arsenal continue to grow.