Remotely Access the Registry

At our last live webcast (you can sign up to join our free IT webcasts here), we discussed Custom Tools and shared some of our favorites. Below is a download for a favorite utility that allows you to remotely access the registry of a target computer you can import for use on your PDQ Inventory console. There are also report filters you can import in to PDQ Inventory for finding local admin accounts on your network. Please note that this utility is not supported by and it only works in English. This is a utility that Shane wrote years ago while he was annoyed (and probably drunk) at the lack of remote registry capabilities in Windows.


What are Custom Tools?

Using the Custom Tools feature allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to call your favorite tools and utilities. If you have a program/utility that can called from the Command Line (CLI) then you can integrate it with PDQ Inventory. You can set up these Custom Tools by going to File > Preferences > Custom Tools.

Remotely Access the Registry with a Custom Tool

A favorite utility allows you to open the registry on a target machine. In the webcast it was called “Remote Registry”.
Click here to download the zip file.
After you unzip this file rename the two .exe.rename files to end in .exe. Use the StartReg64.exe if the console machine is running on a 64-bit OS. There is also a PNG showing the syntax for use in a Custom Tool.

Using PDQ Inventory to Find Local Admins

There are three XML files in the download below to import into PDQ Inventory. In the webcast, Shane walked through each of these examples and how the filters are set up. Click here to jump to that portion of the webcast.

Click here to download the report filters.



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