PDQ Deploy Retry Queue

Bigger and badder than ever, PDQ Deploy 4 is here. This new version has great solutions to making sure computers receive updates even if they are offline at the time you kick off your deployment. Below is the beginning of a playlist of video tutorials on using the Retry Queue.

Retry Queue

Retry Queue is an Enterprise mode feature. The Retry Queue screen (the icon on left side of screen) is where your computers that are offline, but listed to be deployed to will appear with the computer name and name of the application package you were attempting to deploy. 


Managing Settings 

Under Preferences>Deployments, you’ll notice a new section: Offline Retry Queue. This is where you set the interval at which PDQ Deploy will attempt to re-deploy. The interval value is a global setting. Below that is where you’ll set the number of retry attempts before it is dropped from the queue. The number of attempts may be overwritten at the Package and Deploy levels.


Settings at the Package and Deployment Level

To change a package’s settings, simply double-click a package to open it up and go into “Package Properties” and there you’ll see “Offline Settings” where by default it will use the setting from preferences. Uncheck that to modify the number of retries on that package. 

The retry queue attempts can be about as granular as you need them. You can adjust on the package level and individual deployment levels as well. To adjust and individual deployment, when you select the package and click “Deploy Once”. In the Deploy Once or Schedule windows you’ll have the option to change number of retries before the computer is removed from the queue. 

Forcing a Retry


You’re not stuck waiting until the interval completes to retry a deployment on a computer. When in the Retry Queue, highlight a queued deployment and on the right side of the window you’ll see the Try Now option. The deployment will reattempt and increment one of your tries. 


Things to note with the Retry Queue…there are actually instances when you would not want a deployment to place computers in the Retry Queue. If you send out a package to reboot computers that are offline…well, if you have some sort of sick sense of humor then, sure…put a computer in the Retry Queue and have it restart right after your user turns on the computer.


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