Scan Caching

Admin Arsenal has released PDQ Inventory Enterprise, which has a new feature that allows system administrators to pull scan data from a stored cache. Why should you utilize scan caching? Scan caching helps your scans to run quicker and thus does not needlessly bog down PDQ Inventory with too many scans. Scan caching is useful if you have multiple sysadmins who are also running scans. Rather than having a scan run multiple times from different admins, when a scan is run recently, the data is cached and made available to other Enterprise users running scans requiring that data.

This way, instead of running a complete scan your console will already have access to the necessary data.

Setting up Preferences

Scan caching preferences windowUnder File > Preferences > Scanning is where you can turn on scan caching and set your settings for your console. 

Read from Cachethis setting instructs PDQ Inventory to get data from the scan cache if that data is available rather than scanning the computer directly. If you select to Use Cache Exclusively then your user account will not run it’s own scans and will only utilize data from the Scan Cache. 

If you would like to place data in the scan cache select Write to CacheWhen you run a scan, if the data in the scan cache isn’t already current, the data from your scan will be made available in the cache. 

Now, how frequently do you want the scan cache updated? The Scan Age setting allows you control over scan frequency. This setting tells the console to check the scan cache and if the data in the scan cache is older than what is specified in Scan Age, then run the scan.

If you set your scan age to one day and if in the scan cache there is data older than one day, then the scan will be run. For example, if there is data from 2 hours ago, then the console will not scan but will retrieve the data available in the scan cache. 

You need to specify the directory where the scan data will be stored and all Enterprise users who will be utilizing the scan cache data must specify the same directory. You set this in the path field. This must be a shared UNC path. 

Things to Note 

Scan caching does not automatically add computers. When you run a scan and retrieve information from the scan cache, you will only get information for computers you’ve added in PDQ Inventory. (See video on adding computers to PDQ Inventory) 

In PDQ Inventory Enterprise, you may notice that shared collections and reports are only run against computers you have added. Getting this data shared by other PDQ Inventory Enterprise users within your group only runs and displays your computers, it will not display information for their computers. If you want to see data for those computer, you need to add those computers to your console.