Seeing All the Output

One of the better hidden features of Admin Arsenal (and “better hidden” isn’t really a compliment) is the ability to see the output from remote commands when running them on a group of computers.

Let’s say you want to edit the registry of a group of computers using reg.exe. You send out your command to a couple of computers and you end up with something like this:

Remote Command Tasks

It looks like everything worked perfectly, but you can’t be sure there weren’t any warnings without seeing the output of the command. Right-click on a computer and select “See Output…”

Output Window Menu | Admin Arsenal

You’ll be taken to the remote command window where you can see the output and re-run the command if you wish.

Remote Command Window | Execute Commands Remotely | Admin Arsenal

A note on return codes: Currently remote commands will show “successful” in the task window even if the remote command failed. This is because the task is only showing whether or not the command was successfully sent to the computer. The next update of Admin Arsenal 1.4 will show a failure if the command returns a non-zero error code. This isn’t a guarantee, though, because not all command line utilities will return non-zero on failure and some will return non-zero even if they succeed.