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Six Must Have Cable Organizers to Help Disguise Ugly Electronic Cords

Alyssa WinslowAlyssa Winslow

Bobino Rubber Cable Wraps

This gadget makes a great cable wrap for securing long cords that can easily make a mess of your desk. It’s compact and flexible, making it easy to conceal and store excess computer cords and chargers.

Stick-On Charger Clips

Maybe it’s just our ‘lazy’ generation, but there’s nothing that drives me crazier than having to repeatedly bend over and grab a charging cord that just won’t stay put. Thankfully, these little guys easily clasp your power cords so they don’t fall off your desk every time you unplug them. Genius right? But believe it or not, it gets better…they mount to your desk with a semi-permanent peel and stick backing. 

Cable Management Clutter Box

Power strips occupying every available outlet can mean chaos. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the kind of chaos that gives you instant anxiety and cold sweats when you look behind your computer and it looks like a bomb exploded. But with this handy box…that chaos becomes an organized, hidden chaos. And that’s the best kind right? You can put this box next to, under, or behind your desk and it keeps all of your cords organized and out of sight.

Mark Brothers Cable Lable Set

If you’re like me, you either unplug every unnecessary cable before I find the one I need…or…you follow the ‘said cord’ with your hand all the way down the back of your desk to the power source underneath where millions of other black cords lay waiting to stress me out and stop my progress. Never fear. Your fate need not end like mine. These creative labels will save you time and a major headache. They attach to any standard electricity cable and their creative design will chase any sign of stress far away.

Leather Cable Organizers

These leather cord organizers will come in handy for all those unused cords you have laying around your office. Picture this. Instead of reaching into a box or drawer and having to untangle a giant ball of who knows what. Imagine looking into a box, seeing what you need, and easily plucking it out without any hassle whatsoever. It’s a Christmas miracle people. These are a must have and will change any unorganized drawer of unused cords into a drawer of unicorns, rainbows, and bliss. You’re welcome.

Glow – Lighted Cord Organizer

This gadget is the ‘Alexa’ of cord organizers. It’s magnetic, battery powered and glows. Not only that, you can buy it on Amazon…the Alexa of e-commerce. You could probably even ask the actual Alexa to order it for you and save you some time and as sysadmins, we all know that time is money.

A New Year a New You

Take a look around your office. Is your desk in desperate need of some organization? If you’re like us and want to take charge of your clutter, then maybe one or more of these handy gadgets can help. Since it’s the start of a new year, now’s the perfect time to make some changes. And you know what they say, “A new year, a new you.” But in this case, it would be, “A new year,  a new clean, mess-free, and well-organized office.” Oh and hey, if you find that any of these items were helpful, let us know. We’d like to hear your review and feedback. Until then, happy organizing.

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