Software Deployment: Quickly Customize Internet Explorer 8

Prior to deploying IE 8 to all of your workstations, spend a few minutes with the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK). Here are just a few of changes that you can make that will keep your computers configured the same way. We also have a video demo below.

  • Set (or disable) default browser
  • Enable Google searching
  • Preconfigured proxy settings
  • Disable auto patch downloading
  • Security settings

There are many changes that you can make, and just taking some time to tiptoe through the tulips of IEAK will let you see what is important to you.

We’ve put together a video to demonstrate how easy it is to use IEAK to remotely deploy IE 8 to all of your XP or Vista machines.

You can download IEAK 8 here.

After you’ve modified your IE deployment file you can use Admin Arsenal, or any other software deployment tool, to deploy the application to all of your computers.

Looking for more info on IEAK?

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