SpiceWord 2012 – Shane, JJ, sweat stains and ink marks

Shane and JJYep, Shane and JJ are on their way to SpiceWorld 2012.

Oh the beauty of tech conferences; sweat stains, ink blots, pants too tight and shirts too short, with Adam’s apples as far as the eye can see.

Shane and JJ will be face to face with every nerd who was ever picked on by a Jr. High school bully. Don’t worry though. With how much these sys admins make vs. their now used-car-salesman-jock-bully, it’s clearly a win in their favor.

We’re not sure what to expect from SpiceWorld since this is our first time attending, but we have high hopes.

There are some great groups on the spiceworks community sites and if the attendees are as willing to share knowledge in person as they are in the groups, then this will be a great show. If you haven’t checked out some of the forums, here are some of our favorites, the first three of which are somewhat heavy on the whole deploying software patches issues.

If you’re attending SpiceWorld next week be sure to find Shane and JJ. They’ll have 40 shirts to give away to our most loving and adorable users.

Be sure to follow our SpiceWorks vendor page.