System Administration Keeps Moving Cloudward – Office and Hotmail


Lately, I’ve been closely following what Microsoft is doing with Office 2010 in the cloud. It seems to be an inevitable direction for the industry, and while Microsoft isn’t always the leader, you can at least get some glimpses into the future by watching what they’re doing.

What they are going to be doing with Office and Hotmail really looks to be inspired by Google Docs and Gmail. I am happy to see these two powerhouses going head-to-head in this space, because it can only mean that something useful will come out in the wash. 

Both companies are making great strides to push their cloud solutions deeper and deeper into the enterprise. From a system administration standpoint I think that what the future holds is still a bit fuzzy, but I can see the outlines starting to form. Small companies are latching onto this type of melding of e-mail, office, and the web. There’s still a lot to be shaken out, but the big enterprises will eventually have to move that way to stay competitive. 

In my opinion, system administrators need to keep up to date on this push further and further into the cloud, particularly those in large organizations. Once a tipping point is reached with features and functionality, the shift is going to be rapid and it will be all too easy to fall behind the curve.

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