Tattoos for Geeks and Sys Admins

“Anybody remember when tattoos were for bad-asses? What happened? Everybody’s got one now. Is there anything more unsettling than a quintet of dolphins jumping over a rainbow nestled in the heaving cleavage of your grandmother’s Zaftig homecare provider?” – Dennis Miller

I’m generally a fan of Tattoos. Here are some links to some geek tattoos.

25 Amazing Tattoos for Computer and Internet Geeks

30 Geek Tattoos

Geek Tattoos on Flickr

Apple Tattoos

While I don’t have a computer related tattoo, I do have some geeky ones. Here are two of them.

blog spc 2011 02 04 Stan

Any South Park fans here? This is on my left calf. I’ll send a PDQ Deploy shirt to the first person who correctly identifies the episode that this tattoo is taken from.

blog spc 2011 02 04 Abide

Dig The Dude? I toast you with my white russian. 

The Dude Abides.

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