TechNet 2.0 – All New for System Administrators

If you haven’t noticed, TechNet got a complete facelift earlier this year. As a developer for Windows I visit TechNet at least once a week, nearly as often as I visit MSDN, and I think that the changes have been positive. It took me a bit to find out where things had moved, but it seems to be more logically laid out now.


The new TechNet Wiki should end up being a great resource in the future as more and more information gets added by the community. I find that I get nearly as much information from user comments on MSDN programming articles as I do from the article itself, so I’ll be keeping my eye on the Wiki in the future.

The other big thing is the Troubleshooting Search, or at least I hope it is. It’s sometimes an exercise in frustration while I’m searching for an error message or code as I go through page after page of unhelpful information in Google. I haven’t had a chance to put it to the test, but I will as soon as I have an error to track down.

For a good overview of the changes, here’s a helpful post with podcasts from Keith Combs, one of the TechNet program managers.