The 10 best and worst noises to hear at work


We’ve all been there. You’re deep in thought troubleshooting issues or debugging code and you finally get in the groove. Then you hear it…

The WORST noises you can hear while working:

10 – Voice mail messages played over speaker phone from 4 cubes away

9 – Mastication of potato chips

8 – Someone clipping their fingernails

7 – The right-wing nut blaming the U.N.

6 – The left-wing wimp blaming the U.S.

5 – A.M. Radio

4 – Celine Dion in any form other than being strangled

3 – Anyone describing their dream from the night before

2 – The break room TV that no one is watching but everyone can hear

1 – A deep nose snort quickly followed by a swallowing sound

The BEST noises you can hear while working

10 – Any episode of the Skeptoid podcast

9 – Any Johnny Cash playlist

8 – The Fratellis – Whistle For The Choir

7 – Penn Jillette’s laugh

6 – Yes – Drama

5 – In My Tribe – 10,000 Maniacs

4 – Any sound from George Carlin

3 – White Noise (not the movie, the noise)

2 – Tom Waits playing the live Hokey Pokey version of Pasties and a G-String. Actually, ANYTHING from Tom Waits.

1 – The sound of the last co-worker leaving for the day