Trust relationship fails when accessing ADMIN$ (admin share)

When using PDQ Deploy (or Pro) you may see the following error message:

Failed to connect to ADMIN$ share -- Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect.

admin$ error - admin share

The Admin share (ADMIN$) is a default share within Windows and PDQ Deploy must be able to write to this share location.

To generate this error manually, simply open the run command and attempt to whack into the system as follows:


Using the hostname you may see the same message received within PDQ Deploy.

admin share hostname error

If you’ve verified that the firewall isn’t blocking your admin connections, try whacking into the same system using the IP Address.


admin$ - admin share error by ip - broken trust relationship

Ahh hah. Now we’re getting somewhere. The trust relationship between this workstation and the domain controller has become courrupted. This can be frustrating because you may well be able to log into this effected workstation using the same admin credentials that are failing to access the admin$ (thus making the trust problem difficult to isolate).

There are some reasons that can cause a trust relationship to fail, including discrepancies in system time differences from domain to workstation, corrupt account info in the domain database, and other items.

Here is a Microsoft KB article on how to fix the trust relationship.

We’d really love to say that there was a fast fix, but in our digging we’ve pretty come to the conclusion that you need to rejoin the workstation to the domain. A pain to say the least, but it’s effective.

This information is also available in our Admin Arsenal forum.

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