UAC Keeps on Giving to Windows Administrators (Headaches)

  Admin Arsenal has a feature to run some of its functionality as a service in the background. This is handy, for example, if an administrator wants to keep their systems’ inventory scanned and up-to-date without leaving their workstation logged on all day.

Normally, this service is set to start automatically with the computer so there’s minimal interruption to the tasks it runs. Some users noticed that it wasn’t starting up with the computer even though it could be started manually after the computer was running. It was a bit puzzling until we discovered that they were all machines with UAC enabled. A little more investigation showed that the service was starting, but taking longer than the 30 second time limit to come alive and was being terminated.

New to Windows is an option to set services to start with a delay. This was added in Vista and Server 2008 as a performance option to speed up the boot process by reducing the contention for system resources early in the boot cycle. We’re not certain why UAC slowed down the loading of our service, but it may have to do with the .NET Framework which does take quite a while to load for the first time. It’s possible that UAC introduces a delay in the .NET Framework and subsequently any service that uses it.

So our latest build of Admin Arsenal sets the delay start option automatically. If you have noticed this problem, then simply switch to delay start and you should be good to go.