Upgrading Windows Through the Years

250px ms dos logoEarly last week I ran across a very interesting video of a someone taking the time to upgrade MS DOS 5.0 through to Windows 7 hitting the major versions of Windows along the way*.  It reminded me of my post a couple weeks ago about upgrading (or the desire to not upgrade, as it may be.)

A lot of the video really took me back, though I never did use Windows 1.0 or 2.0.  I have such “fond” memories of watching those install screens run over and over and over again through my years of working on computers.

It’s quite impressive how well applications continued work even going back to MS DOS 5.0.  That focus on backward compatability is laudable, even if it did come with a price. Microsoft deserves points for achieving that goal. Makes me want to go dust of my old copy of Rise of the Triad and get a game going.

* They didn’t get Windows ME as there wasn’t an upgrade path to Windows 2000  and Windows NT since it was a parallel path with Windows 95 and 98.