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Shane CorellianShane Corellian

We’re very pleased with all of the feedback we get from users about Admin Arsenal. It’s feedback that tells us what’s important so that we can concentrate on the features that are most important to you. Feedback can also tell us where we’re going wrong. In that vein, there’s one message that’s been coming through loud and clear.

We’ve noticed a lot of questions about features and functionality that already exist in Admin Arsenal but are obviously too well hidden. It’s unlikely that all of the questioners simply decided to send in a question without first trying to find what they were looking for. No, it’s more likely that what they wanted wasn’t very discoverable or was visible in way that was too obscure to make its use obvious.

This leads me to tell you about a new focus we’ll be having for the next few releases of Admin Arsenal: Usability.

Usability isn’t about making things “easy to use,” though that is usually a way to describe the benefit. Instead usability is about bringing the interface in line with how you, the user, thinks. A system with perfect usability will not require the user to ever think about how the software works, but only think about the problem that they’re trying to solve. Our goal will be to reach that programming nirvana of software that doesn’t make you think.

To that end, please feel free to tell us all about the times when Admin Arsenal was confusing, or surprised you, or in any way required something from you that it should have been able to get itself. We’ll try to shut down the egos here so that we can take the criticism, which shouldn’t be too tough. We all come from backgrounds supporting the big-boy ESM tools, so we’re used to frustrated users 🙂

Keep watching this space for updates as we move down this road. We’re hoping it’ll be valuable for us all.

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