Vista Service Pack Deployment – Remote Installation of Vista SP2

Remotely Install Vista Service Pack 2 in only 5 Steps

This post will demonstrate a remote installation of Vista SP 2 to multiple computers, simultaneously.

NOTE: Vista SP1 must be installed before applying Vista SP2.

NOTE: If you aren’t certain of the version of Vista service packs that are currently installed, you can use a free trial of our system admin product which scans computers for installed software.

Now, let’s get to work and install Vista Service Pack 2.

Step 1: Select the Vista SP2 install executable

Click on the elipses button and navigate to your downloaded exe for SP2. Since this installation requires only one file, you do not need to select the “Include Entire Directory”.

PDQ11 Remotely Install Vista SP2 01

Step 2: Enter the Command Line Parameters

Enter the parameters into the Command Line Parameters field (shown above).

/quiet /norestart

Here is a list of all the command-line options available when remotely deploying Vista SP2.

Software Deployment Vista Service Pack2 resized 600

Step 3: Select Target Computers

Select the button “Create Deployment”. The next screen appears and you are now able to enter (or select) the target computers to deploy Vista SP2 to.

You have four methods of selecting target computers.

  1. Manual Entry
  2. Import a Text File
  3. Active Directory
  4. Admin Arsenal

Remotely Deploy Vista SP2 02 resized 600

Step 4: Select Authentication Account

Select “Next Step” to choose an account to perform the installation. By default your current account is selected.

Rollout Vista SP2 03 resized 600

Step 5: Deploy Vista SP2

Click “Next Step” and you’ll see a verification page for this deployment. If everything looks good then you may start the deployment by clicking “Deploy Now”.

Upgrade All Computers To Vista SP2 04 resized 600

Your computers will now receive the upgrade. The status will be shown within PDQ Deploy.

Remotely Deploy Vista Service Pack 2 05 resized 600

This installation is moving a lot of data, plus the installation itself is rather involved. Plan on between 30-60 minutes for each computer.

NOTE: The command line parameters that we supplied suppress any required reboot. It is highly recommended that you reboot your workstations as soon as possible following the service pack installation. If you are able to do the installation off-hours then you may wish to use the /focerestart option.

You know, working after hours reminds me of a maintenance window I performed about eight years ago. Another sys admin was joining me and we had arranged for him to bring in some food for the long night ahead of us. He brought me 20 tacos from Del Taco. TWENTY. They weren’t for both of us, they were for me. Just me. I was floored. I think I was able to eat maybe two of them.

I never found out why he brought me so much. Perhaps he had spatial issues and had a difficult time correlating the size of my gut to the sheer amount of ground corn and beef that constitutes twenty tacos.

Anyway, I digress… we’re done with the deployment of Vista SP2.

If you are using the free version of PDQ Deploy, the installation will continue in increments of eight computers.

Using PDQ Deploy? It’s free and available right now.