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Webcast Recap: Auto Downloads & Package Conditions

Alyssa WinslowAlyssa Winslow

Hey everybody, welcome! Today, we're going to review Auto Download options. In this webcast recap, we'll talk about smart deployments instead of mindlessly blasting them out without much thought. We'll actually use some logic and show you how PDQ Deploy can do the work for you. The idea of, set it and forget it, is what we're all about at PDQ. Today we'll give you some of our tips and tricks so you can be lazy like us.

Our Introduction to Auto Downloads and Package Conditions

Auto Downloads

  • Global settings - :52

    • Standard vs Auto download

  • Individual Package settings

    • Automating testing with multiple packages

    • Example-- Firefox 

Question: How can I add logic to a package to terminate if the target is connected via VPN? TIP: our VPN uses a different subnet. 7:55

Question: For Chrome, there is a Step that says Disable auto update.What do you foresee being a bad thing about deleting that step? 9:55

Package Conditions

  • Package / Step level conditions 13:17

  • OS Version, Architecture

  • PowerShell, logged on state

  • File

  • Registry

  • Collection Condition

Quality Questions with Quality Answers

Question: Is there a way to determine what computers/laptops have 32bit vs 64bit office 365 installed? I'm going nuts trying to update all. 22:56

Question: To improve security, will we get package signing? Just to be sure that a package is from PDQ and not altered. 27:11

Question: Is a computer moved to an (old) collection when a new package version is released or when the autodownload is approved? 30:07

Question: Sometimes when Chrome is Deployed, the installation is messed up and Chrome is unable to start. Do we have a way to check? 35:27

Question: When a DOES NOT EXIST condition that preempts deployment is met the status = FAILED. But it's not a failure! :( How to fix? 36:45

Question: Is there a stop on the development roadmap to add security profiles to limit staff from modifying package settings? 38:17

Question: I would REALLY like to have specific concurrency/performance limits per package. Til’ then, any workarounds? 39:50

All's Well That Ends Well

Thanks for checking in and catching up. Next up, we'll review, PDQ & A (our holiday version). And as always, make sure you tune in live every Thursday at 10 am MST.

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