Webcast Recap: Installing Baseline From WDS Kickoff

Alyssa Winslow|Updated February 1, 2021

Imaging machines can be unpleasant, but that's why we're here, to make the less enjoyable aspects of your position, more enjoyable. Today we're talking WDS and MDT, and while we may not be experts in the subject, we know enough to help you get past those rough patches. As you know, each environment is different, and what we discuss in this recap directly correlates to how our environment is set up. If you missed us live check out the recorded video. If you're more of a reader, keep following along.

Image Setup

  • What to do first 1:42

  • WDS

  • Download ADK & Version specific tools

  • Deployment Workbench (MDT)

  • Get wim from ISO

  • Import Operating System

  • Task Sequence Automation: 5:22

  • Question: Newly imaged PCs go into a specific AD OU. How do I deploy a nested package and automove the PC to a different OU? 7:49

  • Unattended.xml 8:42

MDT Deployment Share

  • The whole point of this example is to show you how to automate the process and avoid clicking through painful wizards. 11:30

  • Question: Does imaging OEM licensed computers still require 1 volume license in the W10 era? 16:18

  • Question: We're going to set up a second Central Server for MDT tasks. Any best practices to mind for 2 PDQ servers in production? 17:35

  • PDQ Inventory Needs Baseline - Dynamic Collection. 18:23

Set up Schedule for AD Sync

  • Here, we set up a schedule for your AD sync. Depending on your situation, set this up to catch those machines. 20:26

  • Baseline Packages PDQ Deploy: 21:26

  • Question: Is there a best practice for what MDT should handle and what PDQ should handle when calling packages from MDT/WDS? 24:11

  • Question: Isn't there a DNS option that needs to be set to point PXE to the WDS server? 25:15

  • Question: If we image a computer and give it the same name, how do we clear out the deployment history? 28:38

  • Question: When a run command times out, does the runner service terminate the process? Or does it continue running? 30:04

  • Question: How frequently can you run AD sync? Is every 10 minutes too soon? 30:34

Recap Complete

Thanks for checking in and catching up. Next time we'll review, Customizing Visual Studio Code for PowerShell and you won't want to miss it. As always, make sure you tune in live Thursdays at 10AM MT.

Alyssa Winslow

Alyssa was an employee at PDQ.

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