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Webcast Recap: PDQ & A August 2019

Brook AllredBrook Allred

Summer is winding down and school is back in session for many people across the country. So, if you were busy fitting in a last-minute vacation, taking kids school shopping, or gearing back up for the next quarter and missed out on the webcast last week, no need to fret. We've got you covered so you won't miss a thing. You can watch the whole webcast below or just skim through this post to see what might apply to you in your environment.

Let the questions begin...

When uninstalling via PDQ Deploy, a shortcut is left on the desktop, but not when uninstalling via the control panel. Help?

Is there a way in Inventory to find computers that have been removed from AD but are still part of static collections?

What are some best practices for changing administrators, both in terms of who is licensed and who has console access?

We are using Central Server with 6 humans plus 1 service account. We use the service account as our default deploy/scan user and this account also runs the background service. Each person and the service account are console users and they each have their own license, but I’m curious if we’re being redundant with giving the service account a license?

Is it possible to have two instances of PDQ (client) running on my personal system for two different PDQ servers?

I have a PDQ Deploy job that runs multiple packages with ‘Include Entire Directory’ that are all in the same folder. Does copy run on every package or is there any check? If not, how do I arrange this to copy just once?

Is there a way to produce reports for auditors proving that our patch game is on point? I have tried showing a deployment schedule.

In Inventory is there a way to grab a list of all computers on my network and grade them by age? This will help target old devices.

I love the “Run Command”’ in Inventory, but it looks like it has a limit of 16 concurrent sessions. Is there a way to modify the limit like we have with Deploy and it’s Concurrent Target Limits under Performance? Before you say use Deploy, the Run Command seems to be the only way I can get LiteTouch.vbs (MDT) to kick off correctly.

I think Inventory would be vastly better if it had historical data too, see renames and archive assets to refer to later. What are the chances of adding that at some point?

Is there an option in a report that will say what account was used to install an application?

How do I, as a loyal PDQ customer, get one of those sweet pint glasses or a few for my team?

Is it possible to deploy and register an active x control with Deploy?

Will Inventory eventually have the ability to automatically scan the registry for software Product Keys? If not, why?

Windows updates in PDQ is great, but I’m wondering if you will start adding manual Win 10 upgrades as a part of Deploy?

Any plans on putting PDQ in docker?

The Heartbeat/Wake function does not work. I suspect it’s a network configuration. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to set a certain monitor refresh rate via PDQ? Thanks!

Can PDQ Deploy automatically or by schedule, scan a Spiceworks group for devices that have been added/removed?

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