What some programmers would like all Sys Admins to know


I was spelunking at ServerFault today and I saw an old post from 2009. The question was asked from the perspective of programmer expectations of Sys Admins. I thought it was worth posting here.


I am not a developer but I have worked closely with many of them for the last 15 years. Here is what I have seen the developers expect from their Sys Admins.

  1. SQL. If you don’t know how to extract the data that your customers are asking for then why are you involved in the process at all? Databases are everywhere. Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL, Access, Jet, Active Directory etc. Know the basics at least: Select, Join, Group By, Update, Delete. Understand how Tables are organized and how the columns relate to the rows.
  2. Some scripting, preferably a little more advanced than Batch. A willingness to wade into the deeper end of the scripting pool with more advanced languages like PowerShell or WinBatch. If a programmer needs some quick information that you need to extract from the environment, it would go a long way if you had already automated it.
  3. Respect the power (read: Admin rights) that you have. Save your work. Backup your work. Plan for a potential storm.
  4. Probably the biggest thing programmers want to get into the heads of Sys Admins: Take my Admin rights away and I will make your life miserable!

Anyway, here is a snippet from ServerFault. I’m going to include the answer that had the highest votes.

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