What’s New in PDQ Inventory 11

PDQ Inventory 11 is now available! Want to try out the latest release? You can do so by clicking the “A new version is available” notice in the status bar of your console. If the update link is not visible, go to File > Preferences > Alerts; this will alert you to all future versions available.

What’s New in PDQ Inventory 11

Tools Librarytools-library

What is the Tools Library? Imagine an arsenal of ready-made tools for your IT department’s world domination plans. More tools are coming in later releases of PDQ Inventory, so you’ll want to jump in and get a hold of these tools now. The Tools Library is available with a current Enterprise license.

You can access the Tools Library in the left tree and then click the Tools Library tab to start importing your tools. Once imported, you can start using the tools on your computers by selecting any computer(s) and selecting the tool from the tools drop down.



You’re definitely not limited to what’s listed in Tools. With a Pro license you can create your own tools, integrate tools (such as Sysinternals and DameWare), and create neat automation to easily execute. You might recognize this feature as the previously named “Custom Tools”. Custom Tools are now simply referred to as Tools instead of being listed in Preferences can now be found in the main console tree. Click here to check out some ideas for tools you can create. Into PowerShell? You should be. We hosted Stephen Valdinger, a PDQ Inventory customer, at a live webcast were he shared some of his favorite tools he uses in his environment. Click here to check out that webcast and glean some inspiration!

Nifty Updates and Upgrades

Remote Command Window

The remote command window you know and love has gotten a face lift…but the changes aren’t all purely cosmetic. Get a gander at the remote command window by selecting a computer (or computers), right click > Tools > Remote Command

  • Improved Command History – Delete individual commands in your history instead of having to clear the whole history. Save your favorites!
  • Scan After – Run a scan after executing your remote command, making it easier to keep your data in PDQ Inventory up-to-date.

New Columns in Files and Registry

You can now see which Scan Profile(s) returned the data found in the Files and Registry sections of a computers window. (Double-click on any computer, and then select either Files or Registry in the left panel to view the data.)

registryandfilesscanprofiles Pdq inventory 11


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