What’s New in PDQ Inventory 7

PDQ Inventory 7 is now out of beta. If you already have PDQ Inventory installed, then you’ll only need to click the alert in the lower left corner of your console.

If you don’t have PDQ Inventory yet, you can download it here:

Be sure to check out a recording of a webcast on this new release at the bottom of this post.

New Features in PDQ Inventory 7

This update to PDQ Inventory in centered on improving functionality and adding helpful notifications to make PDQ Inventory easier to use.

Search field for targets in static collections

Another new addition is a search field for static collections, making it easier to track down individual target machines.

View Deployment History

If you’ve always wanted to use PDQ Inventory to see a computer’s individual deployment history from PDQ Deploy, now you can. After scanning your computers, double click the name of any computer on the main console page to open the Computer window, then click Deployments. You’ll need to have both PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy 7 or higher, running in Enterprise mode.