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If there is a sys admin tool out there in the wild, the chances are very good that someone at Spiceworks has used it.

About 6 months ago we provided an entry level integration between Spiceworks inventory and PDQ Deploy. It’s the ability to push software from PDQ to computers listed in Spiceworks Inventory.

That little piece of integration has caused quite a stir. Just today we surpassed 1,000 followers on our Spiceworks vendor page. Even better, we’re not done with our integration into the Spiceworks tool.

JJ has been feverishly slaving on the next iteration. We have had to hit the pause button while we finish up our PDQ Deploy 2.0.2 beta, but JJ will be back at it very shortly.

We’re keeping our new Spiceworks integration features close to our chest at the moment, but suffice it to say we are looking forward to our pro mode users being able to launch PDQ Deploy from within the Spiceworks console.

A huge thanks to the Spiceworks community. We’re excited to bring some cool features that are at the top of our requested features list.

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