Will Windows Administrators Start Managing Mobile Devices?


Desktops saying goodbye

Slashdot reports on a Slate article

discussing the massive two year drop in the desktop computer purchases.

Flight of Desktops, from Slates Farhad Manjoopulls numbers from Forrester research which show 48% of consumer households used desktops only two years ago (2008), while 2010 numbers are at 32%. Projections are currently at a 2015 desktop number of around 18%.

I am not surprised at the consumer numbers, but I do wonder what the corporate side looks like. Mr. Manjoo does hit on cloud computing, which while infant is still a viable solution.

I am very curious to see where systems management is heading for mobile computing. Managing desktops and laptops used to be the core of systems management, but that’s not the case today. 

It’s exciting to see the number of businesses that are starting to jump into mobile computing by replacing blackberry’s with iPhones or Androids. 

Integrating these mobile computing devices is going to be fun from a systems management point of view. 

As iPhones and other smart devices start to utilize corporate infrastructure such as file shares, printers, email, etc., we’ll see a huge jump in managing these systems along with other servers, workstations, and peripheral devices. Common tasks, such as updating patches, reporting on which apps are used, and overall security will be a huge challenge.

Thanks to Mr. Manjoo (and Forrester Research). The next few years promise to be filled with challenges as these mobile devices are introduced into our business infrastructures. 

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