Windows 7 security? And the answer is…


Windows 7 logo iconHow is Windows 7 security holding up? After reading a few articles on the topic I’ve come to the conclusion that there is, shall we say, some low-hanging fruit that Microsoft has failed to pluck. In short, Microsoft has failed to correct the file extension security issue in Windows Explorer.

F-Secure – “…virus writers would change the icon inside the executable to look like the icon of a text file or an image, and everybody would be fooled…”

Computer World
 – “This has been used for years by virus writers…”

C/NET – “Microsoft has failed to remove a long-recognized Windows Explorer security risk from Windows 7”

On the surface Microsoft would appear to be highly motivated to remove this issue, but they’ve had a ton of time before now. I guess it is possible to get pushed to the back burner, but ignoring this seems to be more of a fallen-behind-the-stove issue.

Time for some spring cleaning in Redmond. C’mon guys, don’t let Windows 7 get slaughtered while still in the womb. We’re still reeling from Vista’s issues.

Still, we’re holding out hope…