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Question: How do you condense 35 years of Windows system administration experience into 2-6 paragraphs?

Answer: The Admin Arsenal Blog.

Will it be technical? Yes.

Will it be simple? Hell no.

Will it be dripping with sarcasm? If there’s a god.

Will it be funny? Just look at Adam’s haircut (circa 1986).

We know the frustrations that System Admins endure. 2 AM calls from a frantic Help Desk Agent. Users (bless their hearts) whose computer savvy can only be described as “lacking”. Expanding IT expectations accompanied with shrinking IT budgets. Managers who get it (revel in this!), accompanied by managers who don’t.

Like you we’re IT admins. We get the good with the bad and that’s what we get paid for. Admins provide solutions, excuses come from the other team.

We’ve gleaned the IT world for answers over the years, and now we’re sharing what we’ve learned.

Here is some of what you can expect to see:

  • The nuts and bolts of Software Deployment and Hardware & Software Inventory collection
  • What to (and often as important, what NOT to) Monitor
  • How utilizing Remote Management via Remote Assist and Remote Desktop can save you hours of your valuable time
  • Admin Solutions – with solutions specific to Windows systems management
  • News You Can Use – where we summarize and comment on other relevant blog posts

Welcome to the Admin Arsenal Blog.

The Admin Arsenal Team (If you would like to see more current pictures of us, click here.) 

Shawn Anderson

Adam Ruth

Shane Corellian

Gwen Hilyard