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Dynamically Organize Computers in Collections

PDQ Inventory maintains a database of computers which are then organized into collections.

Computers can be added to the Inventory database by using the Add Computers Window which allows for the entering of one or more computer into the database, and with the Active Directory Sync feature.

Host Names

Within Windows networks there are a number of different names that can be used to connect to computers including the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), NetBIOS name (short computer name), or IP Address. PDQ Inventory prefers to use the FQDN as this is the best way to ensure that computers aren’t duplicated or the inventory for the wrong computer is scanned.

Name Resolution

When adding computers to the database an attempt is made to resolve the name of the computer using the current Windows network configuration (whether that uses DNS, WINS, NetBIOS, or other naming mechanism). The full name that is provided by this name resolution, which is usually the FQDN, will be used. If a computer’s name cannot be resolved then it cannot be added to the database.

Remote connections in a Windows environment require that the DNSClient service be running on the console computer.


Once a computer has been added to the database it will immediately be scanned for its inventory. If there is an error performing the scan then you will have a chance to try to diagnose and correct the error. If PDQ Inventory is running in Enterprise mode then the first scan of a new computer will run the Default scan profile Window followed by any scan profile that has a scan schedule based on Scan Age.

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