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Enterprise SL

Enterprise SL

If you’re a growing company and are hiring system administrators faster than you can deploy popular applications, then you might be the perfect candidate for our Enterprise SL license. This licensing option is designed to grow with you so you don’t have to contact us every month, wanting to add new licenses to your account in order to stay in compliance.

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Enterprise SL Grows With Your Business

Enterprise SL gives you unlimited administrator licenses to a single server installation. Translation; As your IT team grows, you won’t have to contact us for additional licenses. We scale as you scale.

CLI Access

Have you ever wanted to create a self-service portal for your end users? With Enterprise SL you can. Unlimited admin access to the CLI gives you the flexibility to develop a custom portal for end users and other non-admins.

Consolidated Automated Patch Management

Never miss a critical patch again, even if you’re out of the office. Using Auto Download in PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory, you can automate patch management. Critical patches are identified and deployed automatically according to the parameters you or your team define.

Ready-to-Deploy Applications

We maintain a library of over 250 ready-to-deploy popular applications. When a new version of an application is released, updates and tests them and makes them available as soon as possible. Keeping applications up-to-date is easy.

Share Databases using Central Server

Central Server allows you to share one database with multiple admins. Packages, Collections, Schedules and much more can be centrally housed and maintained. This feature is available with or without an SL license.

Insanely Detailed Data Tracking

The Collection Library makes it easy to see which computers have out-of-date popular applications or runtimes. These groupings are updated as new versions of these apps, updates, and runtimes are released. You can also create your own collections.

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