Web Front-End Engineer

Here’s the gist, PDQ.com needs a Front-End Engineer. You’ll be responsible for establishing (and maintaining) a style guide, creating responsive and reusable UI components, and collaborating on the overall architecture of our web tier.

Also, guess what! We have project requirements and sometimes they’re vague because, you know, we’re human. Parsing through that vagueness and asking (nay, demanding!) for clarification is key. But, “Why?!”, you ask? Oh, I’ll feed you, baby bird.

Here’s why: Front-End. Is. Yours. YOU will own front-end application code and work with the team from design through implementation.


  • Style guide
    Attention to detail and strong CSS skills.
    Good organization, ability to create thorough and useful documentation.
  • UI components
    Strong understanding of how CSS, variable screen sizes, and UX interoperate to effectively adapt UI elements.
  • Team
    This a no-bullsh*t requirement – you MUST be able to manage input from multiple (sometimes non-technical) sources and condense it into an actionable output.
    You must know how to interact with a REST API.
    Where appropriate, decisions are made based on data and not opinion and personality.


  • Weekly status updates with the team and Product Manager: what’s been done, what wasn’t done (hurdles), and what we’ll be working on the week, broken into key tasks.
  • Extensive collaboration with backend development to ensure the process is synchronized efficiently.
    Availability to work on issues ad-hoc.
  • Provide UX consultation to ensure consistency in proposed development changes and additions.
    Constant evaluation/reevaluation of tool(s)/framework(s) for UX.
  • Artistry. Form and function. Bonus points if you can effectively show good UX that combines the ideology of the Bauhaus school of architecture and design to web development.

Our web tech stack

Reflux, Mobx
ES6, TypeScript

ASP.NET, Node.js
SQL Server, Redis

Experience in our stack is a plus but not a requirement.

Bonus points!
Application state management – e.g. Flux, Mobx, etc.
Experience with WebSockets APIs.
Familiarity with A/B testing and the desire to learn.

About PDQ.com

We have a great work environment. We’re in downtown Salt Lake City. Each employee has his/her own office (yes, with a door that can be kept open or closed.) We have awesome benefits and we take care of our own.

We are looking for local candidates, but we will consider relocation to Salt Lake City. We are not able to relocate internationally and we do not sponsor visas, so you must be legally able to work in the US. This job is 100% on-site. We do not have remote workers.

To get started please fill out this form and we’ll send you an email outlining our hiring process. It’s unique and it’s very effective for finding talented folks.