Sr. C# Developer

We’re looking for … blah blah… self starter… blah blah … proficient… blah blah… synergy… yadda yadda yadda.

OK, now that we’ve covered every other job description on the planet, let’s really tell you what we’re looking for.

Job description

We are looking to make a C# developer very happy in their new home.
This position is fun. It’s not “putting out fires” or responding to the newest emergency. You will be working on an existing product and moving forward with new features. Our products have a global user-base of over 200,000 IT admins, so we get quite a bit of feedback and feature requests.
Our applications are written in C#. We are currently developing in the .NET framework.
Our products are desktop apps. We do have some cloud features, but at its heart this is desktop application development.

Skills & Requirements

Just about everyone here is tech-savvy, so being able to communicate with software developers or IT admins is crucial.
We don’t care if you have a degree. We don’t care how many years of experience you have.
We do care that you are wicked smart, you enjoy working as a team, and you have a sense of humor.

Excellent verbal and written skills in the English language are also required.

We have a great work environment. We’re in downtown Salt Lake City. Each employee has his/her own office (yes, with a door that can be kept open or closed.) We have awesome benefits and we take care of our own.

We are offering relocation to Salt Lake City. We are not able to relocate internationally and we do not sponsor visas, so you must be legally able to work in the US. This job is 100% on-site. We do not have remote workers.

To get started please fill out this form and we’ll send you an email outlining our hiring process. It’s unique and it’s very effective for finding talented folks.