Silently Install TightVNC

from the Package Library

Step 4. Deploy a silent install of TightVNC to multiple machines

  1. Download and install PDQ Deploy
  2. Enter License Key information
  3. Import the TightVNC package into PDQ Deploy
  4. Right-mouse click on the imported package > Deploy Once
  5. Choose Targets from Active Directory, PDQ Inventory, Target List, etc.
  6. Click Deploy Now

About TightVNC

Free, Lightweight, Fast and Reliable Remote Control / Remote Desktop Software.

Installs “server” portion only. Does NOT install the TightVNC Viewer on targets.

Default remote control password is helpdesk

To change remote control password modify the VALUE_OF_PASSWORD=helpdesk parameter in the Install TightVNC steps AND the password in the Set TightVNC Password step.

TightVNC passwords must be eight (8) characters or fewer.

The step “Set TightVNC Password” runs since some targets do not process the VALUE_OF_PASSWORD property in the Install steps.

PowerShell version 2 or higher is required to run Step 13.

This package will install the Mirage driver on Windows XP, Vista and 7 (and corresponding server versions). While the driver appears to work on later OSes the vendor does not list any OS beyond Windows 7 as being supported.

The step “Install DFMirage Driver” will only run on supported OSes that do not have the driver software already installed.

TightVNC was released on Apr 6th 2017

About PDQ Deploy

PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool that allows system administrators to deploy a silent installation of almost any application or patch unattended to multiple computers simultaneously.

Deploy allows you to update pretty much any application whether it's an msi, exe, batch file, or powershell script.